Monday, March 5, 2012

Wells Fargo bad Business

Just got this on my Facebook.

"The reps from Wells Fargo are rude and verbally insulted me. They were degrading. For 2 years I have had a car loan and NEVER once been late. I accidentally missed 1 payment by a few days. The rep called me, and I said I couldn't make a payment that second because I was out to dinner with family and I didn't have my checking info with me. Her response was "Oh so your out to dinner but you cant afford your car payment!" I told her I thought I paid it online like I usually do, it was an accidental over sight. I cannot believe how they talk to their customers on the phone! I will never do business with this bank again, nor will I recommend Wells Fargo to my family, friends, or my patients! I can't believe what insensitive and cruel treatment I received! And when I asked to speak to a supervisor they just passed me off to 3 different people, and refused to put a supervisor on the phone, she was "unavailable". DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH WELLSFARGO!!!!"

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