Friday, July 10, 2009


Friday, May 8, 2009

Star Trek


I saw the new Star Trek Last Night In Imax. The best film I have seen in ages. Always been a mild fan. This is really the most entertaining this universe has ever been. Tyler Perry showing up and chewing the background for a couple of scenes was only one of about 100 things you would never expect to fit so well. If you are not on the edge of your seat before the tilte splashes across the screen you should check your self for signs of life.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I have been very busy making prints for an opening next week in Colorado. While things are printing I have been getting a lot of painting done.

If you love Banjo you will love this.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Today I killed my TV

Today I returned my cable box to the cable company. Anything I need to watch I can see on my lovely laptop. Who knows I might even read a book. The reason for this choice is pretty random. My cable went all wacky and I realized I needed a new converter box. Then the thought came to mind " do I really need this?" the answer was ... of course not. I have quit a lot of things in recent years. No more smoking , drinking , meat and now I add television to that list. In doing this I have regained little lost pieces of myself.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This piece is large. It is four foot by four foot. I painted it in 2006. It is about not being blue or red but choosing to be purple. It is idealistic , a look at an utopia with no weapons to harm one another with , a world where he all get along and don't judge. When I painted this I had many thoughts. It speaks about many things I believe in.

My Art Bio By Heather

NAY of Vegas
Word Art

NAY is an early-onslaught, self-taught artist from Las Vegas.

Nathan escaped into paint, doll parts, box wine and Ambien after the death of his mother 3 years ago and hasn't been seen since. NAY appeared in his place and plucks words and phrases from mouths, ears and our shared atmosphere and transposes them onto paper, canvas and found surfaces.

Grafitti, margin scribbles, eavesdropping and subconscious mantra live here together in NAY; dreaming peacefully in a squat built by grief, love and punk rock.

Prime Art

All the art shows I have done never had a theme. I like the randomness of my art and feel it goes together by not. The other day I got my first idea for a cohesive show. The idea is "Prime Directives" . I have always been fascinated by being told what to do. How wrong are most of those directions anyway?
So, I came up with some Prime directives that make fun of what is expected of us. The main steam ideology is so far from what is true and real it just begs to be made fun of.

Please enjoy this sneak peak and always do as you are told or prepare to face the music.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Below is a email I got a few days ago about how art can change live and inspire as well as giving one a voice.

I thought I should update you on my students art projects. I had you make a Don't hate appreciate piece for me to use with my middle school art group. I wanted them to see art that was simple uncomplicated or refined. It worked! the kids were unintimidated by your style and so were open to the idea of communicating through art.

they started making positive word art. They began painting positive words on found surfaces. then they put them in classrooms etc. They love the word change.I have it written in Arabic, spanish, English and a few others. Many of my kids are minority males and Obama's election really did open their eyes to their possibilities.

They adopted don't hate appreciate as the art group motto.they said they liked that i took them seriously. (no brainer for me)

In jan a 15 yr old classmate died suddendly. The kids worked through much of their grief through this art style. Some young graffiti artists actually did a dedication piece on a train car.( I had to work on administration not to file charges.) The grieving family was given pieces of art memoralizing their son.. The kids asked the entire school to embrace their motto in honor of the deceased student who they said "lived it".

A few weeks later I started having kids approach me about making changes in their lives.

One student approached me and said I've been thinking about the stuff you've been talking about and our art. I think I made a mistake getting involved in a gang. can you help me figure out how to stop. I did and he did.

Another serious graffiti artist who had trouble in school and lots of suspensions, some for grafitti told me he wanted to do more positive things with his life. The boy who died was a good friend of his. We talked and made a plan. Long story short he is mentoring younger students, has commissions for 3 signs and asked me to create an art show for the community. He wanted a way to show grafitti style art in a positive way. He felt most people just think it is gang tags.

So we have a show scheduled in May. The theme is Teens for Change- Positive word art.
All art will be painted on recycled stuff that Habitat for Humanity can't use for home building projects. Kids have to work in teams of 3 or 4 to make an art piece. Working together was part of their idea. They will sell or auction off the pieces. The money will support art programs for teens in the area. I have at least 20 kids participating.

Three of the kids are going to make sign/word art to sell at the local farmers market this spring. MI economy sucks right now so I was impressed that they thought of alternative ways to earn money other than sell illegal goods or other options.

So many thanks to you for your inspiration through art. I love that I know what makes kids tick and can find artists who speak the same language.

I have not shown the students your site because I don't need education folks or parents in an uproar over inappropiate art. If you can think of a way for me to showcase a censored group of your photo's let me know. I'm not so tech savvy,but I have plenty of help. PLeASE know that I find all your stuff incredible. I work with kids that many people do not want to work with so I have to be careful not to give anyone anything to complain about. These kids are 11-16 yrs. I personally LOVE the doll art!

Regardless Etsy has been a great way for me to prove to kids that people really can do art and they do. That it isn't only for the famous etc.

Thanks again for impacting my streets from your streets. or my corner of the world from your corner of the world.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Meat VS Snow

Try to find meat in a blizzard.

Take a picture in the dark.. take strieght though my heart.
with out so much as a bark My job is lost, Got an interview at an upstart
Frost on the straets made all the cars skid. On our way to find meats . all stores were guaging and for a meat treat we had to bid . It was all white ,would it last all night, that would be a fight. If I get too hungry I go crazy, sure, I just get lazy and fall to sleep.

In the morning a half of face was gone. Nasty cover it in lace and go some place. too much snow we must all stay. They looked all day and found no food and a bad mood loomed.

After non dinner.
Into one bed to small we all layed. After a bit we felt a bite. Was we all nibbling on some something.

Colder it got the less awake and with it we had in us.

after things that went down without saying i will say on the 8th day the sun was warm.

Again the perfect escape. Oh the beach will be calm and relaxing.

Sorry I feel the same for the one the shark got and the owns forced to watch, as well as the shark

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Best Video ever

The video for Depeche mode's new song "wrong" Is An amazing piece of art. It had me from hello. It grabbed me and refused to let go. This video is better than most movies I have seen. It does in 3 minutes what a lot of films can not do in 90. who knew a car speeding in reverse smashing into people as well as cars could tell such a gripping story while being visually disturbing. I found it on youtube today and can't stop watching it. I had already heard the song and thought it was ok. Paired with the video "Wrong" becomes a better song.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Serenity Prayer

I usually only paint original sayings. It was just to tempting so I just had to do it. This has been you of my favorite since I was a youngster. It has gotten me through a lot of hard times. This saying inspired as well as help me to stop drinking , smoking and loose 100 pounds. Not taking the time to worry about things I can't change saves tons of time and helps me to maintain a more positive attitude.


This is a sarcastic look at being a drunk or a whimsical take on cocktail hour.

Friday the 13th day 90


I am Nay and I am an alcoholic. It's been 90 days since my last drink.

It's been a average day.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vampire Zombie night

Las Vegas in full of Zombie vampires. They work or sleep all day. When the clock strikes midnight they come alive and feed of each other energy.

I made this crazy mixed media painting back when I first started painting in 2006. I was feeling dark and sleeping in the day and painting at night.

Dolls showed up in my work a bit more back then.

One of , well 2 of my favorite movies are Barbarella and Child's play. Both of which have very creepy dolls in them.

Jane Fonda being attacked by demon dolls with extra sharp teeth has a way of melting my frozen heart.

Is that a sword in your pocket?

This piece was made at a time when I was tired of living in Vegas. I sold the original at First Friday this month. The man the bought it was so happy he hung it around his neck to show all his bus mates on the way home. He also let me know he always takes crazy things on the bus with him just to get looks. He even let me know that once he rode with a samurai sword. I am glad I don't ride the bus. My car may be a bucket of bolts but no weapons are allowed.

I am always sad to let originals go. I am now leaning towards selling mostly prints.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Steam Punk Owl

STEAMPUNK Necklace - Pewter OWL KING with Royal Crown Oxidized Brass Victorian Vintage Antique Oval Shape - FREE GIFT BOX - FREE OWL RING with ANY PURCHASE From Our ETSY STORELook at this amazingly awesome Owl necklace I came across on Etsy. It is perfect in every way and oh so clever. I just love the way the crown fits the owl so well. I adore the Victorian touches of this steam punky piece. This can be found @

Crazy lazy

I am making a resolution to blog at least 3 times a week on here. Each time I will post a piece of my work and tell a funny story or a least a story that may or may not have anything to do with the art posted.

So today I went out into the world. The goal was to get energy drinks , Ambien and diet coke. Outside the 7-11 the world's oldest lady stopped her car behind me as I was pulling out. Inspecting the "damage" she said "you didn't look were going at all"
I replied not really knowing what she was talking about and noticing the six foot cross around her neck. "maybe it is you who did not look"
"Don't get smart with me. I am a retired cop"..... As I just stood there she continued "you are lucky, no damage"

She got back into her space ship and flew away.

I was left wondering since there was no impact or collision why had she stopped at all. I think she just needed to have a human interaction. I only wish it had been a more positive one.