Sunday, March 18, 2012

Always on

My life is a performance art project .


Nayarts Sometimes the wrong choices Bring us to the right places wisdom

discourage carelessness

Mabl included this in her last post.

I lifted it out and dust off the unimportant words.
My new mantra.

Discourage Carelessness


Mabl says
"Sometimes dishonest choices bring us to the wrong places"

Nay says "thank you Mabl"

Saturday, March 17, 2012

free dumb

No one is perfect ,
I sure feel right all the time


do cats get copied a lot


Nothing in this world prepared me for what was in front of this elementary boy.
Shoes untied and snot running down my face.
I smelled smoke but saw no fire.

Sometimes the wrong choices Bring us to the right places

I love painting this Original saying I authored back in 2006. I have painted it repeatedly since April 2008 and can never paint it enough. It always sells out. The saying it self went viral fall 2011 and can be found
all over the internet.
All this from my wacky wonderful brain. So glad this inspires and motivates.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Fargo go down

A fellow Wells Fago Victim wrote me this on Facebook.

"Hi, read your message to WF, and that was so so wrong of them.I would have commented on their page to you but I am blocked for telling the truth about what bad experiences I have had and still am having with are right, they do not train their employees well at all.They are rude...Their have been many complaints.Im srry you had to go through all that, But with more stories like your I hope all the bad publicity they get will make them change their ways....I doubt it but good for you for posting it."

Thank you all for the support and I love hearing all of the Wells Fargo war stories. WE SHALL OVERCOME.

Wells Fargo bad Business

Just got this on my Facebook.

"The reps from Wells Fargo are rude and verbally insulted me. They were degrading. For 2 years I have had a car loan and NEVER once been late. I accidentally missed 1 payment by a few days. The rep called me, and I said I couldn't make a payment that second because I was out to dinner with family and I didn't have my checking info with me. Her response was "Oh so your out to dinner but you cant afford your car payment!" I told her I thought I paid it online like I usually do, it was an accidental over sight. I cannot believe how they talk to their customers on the phone! I will never do business with this bank again, nor will I recommend Wells Fargo to my family, friends, or my patients! I can't believe what insensitive and cruel treatment I received! And when I asked to speak to a supervisor they just passed me off to 3 different people, and refused to put a supervisor on the phone, she was "unavailable". DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH WELLSFARGO!!!!"

wells fargo gender discrimination


My name is Nay. I had a very bad experience with Wells Fargo bank regarding voice recognition and gender. I had lost my credit card and was calling to request a new one. I called the fraud department (1800-723-5533) I talked to someone named leslie. She insisted I was a female and must be my mother or wife. Then she had me go down to my local Las Vegas branch to verify my gender and identity even through I had already answered all the security questions correctly. I found this to be ultra humiliating. I can not believe this is legal. In person at my local branch I was helped by Christopher. He got the card problem taken care of but did not seem to understand that I was being discriminated against or why this was wrong.

I do not feel someone can tell gender over the phone. When I called back and talked to a supervisor Joel. I was told this is policy and it is called voice recognition and is part of fraud prevention.
Joel had his supervisor Markus call me back upon request. Markus said determining gender by voice was not policy despite what Joel had said previously. He also said he would discuss the issue with both Leslie and Joel so they were aware that this was not policy.

I told Markus I felt more needed to be done like an anti discrimination policy or retraining. He said he had no intention of changing anything and talking to those two would be enough.
I do not feel this is enough. My rights were violated and I am sure this happens to others all the time. If Leslie and Joel think this is okay and is policy than other employees in the Wells Fargo fraud department must feel the same. The whole department needs to be retrained in regards to gender sensitivity. This should never happen to anyone again and I will do all I can to prevent others from suffering the intense humiliation i had to endure by verifying my gender in person at my local branch.I want to find a way to insure this does not continue to happen to others. It is not right to judge peoples gender by voice. I hope you can help.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely ,